Sex Positions

6 Different Sex Positions That Would Help In Getting Pleasure For Longer Time

Are you sick of attempting the same old positions? You can spice up your life and try these sex positions with sexy college girls in Sindhi Camp. To attempt the positions indicated here, you don’t need to be extraordinarily flexible or crazily daring; all you need is an open mind and a receptive spouse. You may also experiment with shifting positions during sex to make things last longer and build to an even greater climax.

Position 1: Cowgirl: 



Lie on your back. Allow your lover to mount you, straddle your hips, and insert your penis as you remain upright. She’ll be able to ride your penis like a cowgirl on a bull. The hot girl has nearly entire control of the penetration, robbing you of the power to push rapidly and forcefully if the spirit moves you. All you have to do during sex is lie there and let her do the job. So get the utmost satisfaction.

Position 2: Heaven’s Edge

Heaven's Edge

The man is sitting on the side of the bed, his legs on the floor. The woman then shuffles onto his lap and onto him, her legs resting on the bed, while he holds her hands to prevent her from tipping backwards. You may now move as quickly or slowly as you desire, but this position provides deep penetration and lets the guy to take the lead.

Position 3: Yum Yab-Yum

Yum Yab-Yum


The guy sits on the bed or the floor, while the woman mounts his hips and faces him, allowing him to enter from the front. It’s a highly intimate position that’s ideal for gratifying your spouse and gathering feedback from her reactions.

Position 4: Cowgirl in the reverse position

This is a hybrid of the doggy-style and the conventional Woman-On-Top position. Allow the man to lie flat on the bed, his legs dangling over the side. The lady gets on top of her guy, but she turns away from him and leans forward with her arms resting on his knees or thighs. Allow him to penetrate the woman by angling his penis slightly downwards. Then, for a tremendous, G-spot-hitting feeling, rock back and forth.

Position 5: The Straddling

The Straddling

The man sits on the bed, his legs splayed out. The woman then gets on top of him and wraps her legs around his back as he pulls her towards him. The woman then goes up and down at a pace that is comfortable for both of you. This is ideal if you and your partner prefer plenty of kissing during sex.

Position 6: Spooning



Both couples lie on their sides, your front against her back in a spooning cuddle posture.
You’re the large spoon, and she’s the small spoon.
Your partner’s legs should be slightly separated. With your hand, locate her vagina and enter her from behind.

He becomes far less boring in bed and is not bound to the same two positions by discovering the optimal positions for him to last longer. sexy college will always welcome the opportunity to experience new experiences. It might be exhilarating to not know what to expect from you in bed.